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'Island Island' is a new online arts platform that presents a watersmeet of arts and writing within a discursive digital landscape.

In response to an ever-expanding ocean of digital content, Island Island aims to foster critical engagement with contemporary visual culture, across borders.

The platform's title provides a malleable thematic framework for content that addresses the complex dualism of real and virtual spaces. As a tautology Island Island intends to prompt an interrogation of such dichotomies; the real and the virtual, past and present, truth and fiction, artifice and actuality.

For our inaugural release, Island Island features text and artwork by Trent Walter, Brook Andrew, Lana Lopesi, Brigid Hansen, Matthew Greaves, David Attwood, Spencer Lai, JD Reforma, Phebe Schmidt and Claudia Nicholson.

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Retaining Bus Projects' commitment to being open and accessible, we are now welcoming expressions of interest for new textual works for presentation on Island Island from October 2018 - June 2019. Fees of $250 will be paid for text up to 1000 words.

Island Island’s discursive programming seeks practitioner-led submissions that address contemporary issues as they relate to art, place and visual culture. Island Island welcomes all forms of written work, including essay, interview, criticism, fiction or other.

Apply now via the online form.