Bus Proj–


Bus Projects strives to raise income from a variety of public and private funding sources each year. However, we still rely on significant support from individual artists to sustain our operations. We are reaching out to individual patrons to invest in artists through Bus Projects' Supporters Program.

Your support will directly help artists to develop, make and present their work, and involve them in programs that engage diverse communities.

Choose from five levels of giving in bus projects’ annual supporters program:

Visionary [from $5000pa]
VISIONARIES are looking to the future! You are making a game-changing donation that will revolutionise how we support artists over the long term. Investments can be tailored to each donor but will directly contribute to the sustainability and future development of our Artist-Run organisation. VISIONARIES understand the need for stable, artist-centered, organisations that work with Australian artists over the entirety of their careers.

Artist Benefactor [from $2000]
ARTIST BENEFACTORs invest in artists! You will be guaranteeing the payment of artist fees that are so vital to sustaining artists livelihoods when making significant new works. As a Bus Projects ARTIST BENEFACTOR, you are part of a dedicated group of key advocates. You have the opportunity to participate in a deeper strategic engagement with our exhibition commissioning process.

Exhibition Patron [from $1000pa]
EXHIBITION PATRONs make new exhibitions happen! You will have a direct impact on our ability to commission artists and curators to produce new work. As an EXHIBITION PATRON, you will be part of the special group whose support will result in new exhibitions. For example, a donation of between $1000 - $1500 will provide artists with the opportunity to present 3 exhibitions in our program.

Programme Supporter [from $250pa]
PROGRAMME SUPPORTERs connect artists with communities! Each donation at this level results in an education program, workshop, discussion, or performance. This level of support will not only give you the satisfaction of directly paying fees to the artists who work with our community but you will have the priority booking to attend the events you’re supporting.

Friend [from $50pa]
You’ve got a FRIEND in Bus! You’ll be amazed at what we can do with even the most modest amounts. As a FRIEND of the gallery, you are an active supporter whose donation contributes to the sustainability and future development of our organisation.