Bus Proj–


Laura Skerlj
"Private Life"
Text by Laura Skerlj


Private Life

Replay those parties
when luxury loses meaning

because sugar, etcetera,
can gnaw at things

bit by bit, sometimes happiness.
And how do you find a way,
animals, to flow through this,

softly, not evolve into it
with jealousy, not change,

and still be with earth,
and different airs
and different scents

of flower and of grass?
Even as cartoons
and even as gimmicks

I like your living and your romance,

I might have to go soon, she said,
I am stopping holding on.
So, draw a line from there to here
and back again to make a shape like

a plastic flower, spinning on a stick.
And goodbye:

to two non-stop insomniacs
hooked on dancing and drama,

who knelt in countless ways
before one another.


Laura Skerlj is interested in abbreviation, assemblage and energetic relationships in painting, and often uses text as an entry point into her work. In this way, images, like poems, act as an open space for everyday experience. Based in Melbourne, Laura completed a Master of Fine Arts at the VCA in 2013, and she has since exhibited in community, commercial and artist-run spaces in Australia and overseas.