Bus Proj–


"A dense intimacy"
Nathan Beard & Lindy Lee
Curated by: Kathryne Genevieve Honey

Opening: Wednesday 13 February, 6-8pm
Dates: 13 February - 9 March 2019

'A dense intimacy' by Nathan Beard forms part of Bus Projects’ ongoing 'With Compliments' series of exhibitions exploring the relationship between artists and their influences across generations and international borders and how these influences can remain a vital force throughout an artists career. For the exhibition at Bus Projects, Nathan will present a new body works, alongside works by Lindy Lee.

The 'With Compliments' program is part of a legacy of curatorial enquiries that have taken place throughout the last century, into how Australian artists locate their work within an international dialogue. Previous iterations include 'A smile forms into a grimace mid-slumber as the earth spins— it’s funny, such is the sound of laughter — it is like god’s hands on the shoulders of a troubled world' by Spencer Lai (AUS), Lou Hubbard (AUS) and Paul McCarthy (USA) (with Mike Kelley (USA)); 'Paper Empire' by Daniel McKewen (AUS), Paul Pfeiffer (USA) and Tracey Moffat (AUS); ‘SILVER SHADOW’, Lydia Wegner (AUS) and Barbara Kasten (USA); ‘Country Home Ideas’, Sean Peoples (AUS) and Jacky Connolly (USA); ‘Your work in my dreams’, Noriko Nakamura (AUS) and Gilad Ratman (IL); ‘Coffee in the morgue’, Saskia Doherty (AUS) with Stanya Kahn (USA) and Louise Bourgeois (FRA/USA); and 'A Moveable Priest', David Egan (AUS) with Claudia Lemke (GER).