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"A Lot of Luck"
Nicole Breedon

Opening: Wednesday 21 October, 6–8pm
Dates: 21 October–7 November 2015


‘A Lot of Luck’ comprises several works exploring the phenomena of = luckiness, prosperity and fortune, and along with it, the associated = elements of hard work, patience, desire, and perseverance.

Nicole Breedon’s interdiciplinary practice investigates the way humans create meaning and find significance in their lives in defiance of an absurd and infinite universe. Breedon’s work uses tropes from popular-culture, myth and historical artefacts.Her work incorporates a variety of mediums and traditional processes including oil painting, textiles, casting; carving. Breedon’s work regularly uses two opposing yet co-existing forces such as tragedy and humour, beauty and ugliness, luxury and poverty to examine everyday injustices or paradoxes.