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Oliver Cloke, Kathy Heyward, Kate Tucker

Opening: 13 October, 6-8pm
Dates: 13 October – 30 October

Oliver Cloke, Kathy Heyward & Kate Tucker

ARRAY is a Graduate Show for three Artists who share a fascination with the investigation of ideas through making and construction. Through their mixed media work they investigate the collation and re-ordering of ideas and materials. By exploring the limits of chosen materials they seek to enhance properties inherent within them, at the same time crafting a sensory experience for the viewer. As materials are manipulated to assign new meanings, the Artists explore the enhancement of value through the act of making.
The works included will represent a methodical approach to Art Making driven by a need to explore and illustrate the space between the experience of Art making and it’s wider context. A language of disruption and ambiguity will link the work, as well as a conscious play on physical and Image space. As Kate’s Worlds and Internal Worlds disrupt and reverse the picture plane, Kathy’s string installations will divide and rearrange the room into a series of images. Kathy and Oliver’s Installation will aim to highlight through mimicry, the differences between the crafting of artworks and the methodologies of exposition of art in the public realm. Through their manipulations of material and space, the Artists will seek to construct physical and emotional experiences for the viewer, inviting them to ponder what impact that has on their own thinking and awareness.