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"Beez in the trap"
Jaya Fausch and Eric Demetriou

Opening: Tuesday 9 October, 6-8pm
Dates: 9 – 27 October 2012

The thrill of the hunt is an obsession explored early in life, be it from boredom, bloodlust or instinct. As children hurl rocks at birds or molest small insects, innocence is often questioned from such unusual behavior, this toying with mortality. When the trapper’s game becomes one indulging in power relations, its sinister prey drive is often reduced by its own humorous consequence. Whereas early 20th century cartoons relish in comedy evolved from the escapades of cat and mouse, the trapper’s game is one of fools, awaiting the mishap of the booby trap. Presenting the debut collaborative works of Jaya Fausch and Eric Demetriou, 'Beez in the trap' arrives as an amusing endeavor to pick the scab of curiosity.