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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

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Wed–Fri 12–5pm
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Jeremy Eaton, Minna Gilligan, Georgina Glanville, Jethro Harcourt, Annabelle Kingston, Cheralyn Lim, Max Lawrence White Blue miles for the ocean, green miles through the palm trees, and yellow miles over sandy stretches

Opening: Wednesday 3 July 6-8pm Dates: 3-20 July 2013

‘Blue miles for the ocean, green miles through the palm trees, and yellow miles over sandy stretches’ brings together 7 artists in conversation about the role of colour in their practices. Through ongoing discussions, games and information sharing each artist has come to focus on varying reasons behind their use of colour. From auras, giving form to what is apprehended but not visible, sensually engaging with space and challenging aspects of design and taste are subjects pervading the exhibition. The exhibiting artists include Jeremy Eaton, Minna Gilligan, Georgina Glanville, Jethro Harcourt, Annabelle Kingston, Cheralyn Lim, and Max Lawrence White. A document to accompany Blue miles for the ocean, green miles through the palm trees, and yellow miles over sandy stretches will be launched during the exhibition.

Cheralyn Lim received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2011. Producing large-scale wall, ceiling and floor works, she adapts key architectural features to create colourful, immersive installations. With a methodology founded in play, she uses collage, sculpture and light to generate violent colour combinations, dense abstract patterns and even-field compositions. Cheralyn has exhibited her work in various art spaces in Melbourne. Solo exhibitions include ‘Rockpool’ at Bus Projects (2012) and ‘THE BINGE’ at Knight St Art Space (2012). She has participated in several group presentations, including ‘NEWNESS’ (2012) curated by Gonzalo Ceballos and the upcoming ‘Colour Light Plays’, a series of interactive colour and light events hosted at the Alderman. She has worked collaboratively with Max Lawrence White and has an ongoing collaborative practice with printmaker Jaime Powell. Cheralyn is currently on the board of Knight St Art Space in Footscray.

Minna Gilligan works primarily with painting, drawing and collage. Her practice speaks of fleeting, personal encounters with the past and present, and manifests in a tumultuous reconciliation of both. Her works are playgrounds of colour, often inhabited by lone protagonists trapped in states of longing, sadness or exhalation.

Gilligan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from the Victorian College of the Arts. She has held solo exhibitions at West Space and Dudspace and group exhibitions at Ontario College of Art and Design, Canada; Space 15 Twenty, Los Angeles; PICA, Perth; Papermill ARI, Sydney; Rearview ARI, Knight Street Art Space, George Paton Gallery and Gilligan Grant Gallery, Melbourne. Recently Minna has performed at The National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney) with Pamela – a three piece band comprising of artists Jon Campbell and Georgina Glanville. Pamela has also been involved in performances with Geoff Lowe and A Constructed World at Artspace (Sydney) and the Ian Potter Museum of Art (Melbourne). Feel Flows at Daine Singer will be her first solo commercial exhibition.

Gilligan also maintains an illustration practice that begun upon being appointed in 2011 as an artist for New York-based online magazine ROOKIE, which reached a million hits in the first week the site went live. Since then she has worked for many American clients such as clothing companies Urban Outfitters and Nasty Gal. In 2011 she became a member of artist collective The Ardorous, curated by Canadian photographer Petra Collins.

Max Lawrence White is a Melbourne based painter. White’s practice crosses between painting and installation, with a focus on colour and the perception of painting as object. White utilises a broad palette of colour in his works that seek to confront the viewer by challenging traditional notions of colour interaction. His combinations of colour seem to clash individually and yet function in their combination. This paradox in White’s use of colour continues within his paintings, which exist both as objects and images. White graduated from RMIT in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting) and completed his Honours in Fine Art at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012.

Georgina Glanville’s practice offers up alternative perspectives on growth and the nature of progress, whilst also referencing both internal and external relationships to the body and the self. Central to Glanville’s practice is process, and in particular aspects of process that reveal the trace of the artist’s hand, a sense of duration, and a sensuousness of material. Surfaces and textures assemble and merge, glistening and seducing. The tactility of her objects and images offers up a temptation to reach out, and each form or image proposes an enigma to the viewer. Georgina Glanville completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2012. Georgina has been included in group exhibitions at artist run initiatives such as Rearview, Knight Street Art Space, and at the George Paton Gallery. Georgina had her first solo exhibition at the Substation in June 2013. In 2012 Georgina was awarded Artstart $10,000 Australia Council Grant.

Annabelle Kingston completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) at the Victorian College of Arts in 2012. Recent notable exhibitions include Mountain Waterfall Fountain, solo exhibition at the George Paton Gallery, FutureGen, Jon Curtin Gallery as part of the FotoFreo Festival, Fremantle, Western Australia in 2012, Moderator at C3 Contemporary Art Space, Paradise Structures, The Projects Gallery, The Excerpt Exhibition, Excerpt Magazine and ‬Beyond the frame, to the wall – view an artwork on expert, solo exhibition at Dudspace (forthcoming) in 2013. Annabelle is one ‬half of collaborative duo Paradise Structures ‬who employs textiles, telepathy, wood, plants, paint and ceramics to create multi-functional objects, ideas, structures and space.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Engaging the subconscious through appropriation from art, design and pop culture, Jethro Harcourt works intuitively with ideas and materials to produce sculptures dissociated from their source. Currently Jethro is particularly interested in popular graphic symbols – logos that slip out of their role as signs to become lamellae of colour and form; cultural ciphers momentarily set free. Jethro graduated from the VCA in 2011. In 2012 he participated in two group exhibitions; ‘Low Relief’ at Seventh Gallery and ‘Hatched’ at Perth’s Institute for Contemporary Art.

Jeremy Eaton is a multidisciplinary artist that investigates peripheral forces, forms and knowledge to question modes of communication, the reception of information and our perceptual relationship to objects and spaces. The confluence of influences from cinema, art history, literature and architecture form fragmented, alternate realities that blur boundaries between fiction and reality, and abstraction and language. Jeremy graduated from VCA with first class honours in 2012. He has been involved in numerous group shows in Perth and Melbourne including TCB Art inc. Kurb Gallery, the Margaret Lawrence Gallery and Cullity Gallery. Jeremy recently completed a solo project, extended moment at West Space.