Bus Proj–


"Boom Time Jounce"
Curated by: Kim Brockett

Opening: Tuesday 12 July, 6-8pm
Dates: 12-31 July 2011

BOOM TIME JOUNCE: A soul is suspended in motion, spectral infinitude, natures soft envelopes disbanding all negative waves. A flock of seagulls trace erratic patterns on an unseen plane. Lost souls in fast cars (suntanned beings who lack being) weave in and out of an irregularly honeycombed cliff face, following a path laid by their own uncertainties. This heaven eludes them, existing only in the intangible, non-existent in the immediate. Most of what is isn’t.

SEAGULLS: Up and down! Do you feel me?!

THUMB: This is my stress-free bubble. Respect my bubble, stay out of my bubble, no touchy my bubble, just go find your own bubble!