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"Creative Non-Fiction"
Caitlin Patane

Opening: Wednesday 29 August 6 - 8 pm
Dates: 29 August - 22 September 2018

In this room I am safe
Walls, sheets, pillows, curtains
I left a dream in the underworld
A vase of flowers is wilting
It evaporates
Days are beads of condensation
Weeks are rays of heat
The red flowers are fading
A squid dying
The water is tea and I am a particle stained
Biological goop
A piece of dust
An ant crawls along my naked chest
Small things
Large things
A week has passed
Time is mud
Stretching wide
Where is the ceiling?
A balloon pops
Only a moment
The world spins in space
A post is updated
A stream flows somewhere
A bear catches a fish
A fish catches a drift
A river is on my screen
My eyes are swimming
Reading nothing and everything
The world might end
This room might bend
A nuclear war
A love letter
A score
Word War
It’s raining outside and the water is glass pellets.

Creative Non-Fiction is a body of work in response to Virginia Woolf's seminal text A Room of One's Own. Through an engagement with poetry as a translatory device the subjective female voice in writing will be explored and new narratives generated.

Caitlin Patane is a practicing artist and writer living and working in Melbourne and assistant editor at Art+Australia. Her work focuses on writing, drawing, and an engagement with text and texts. She is interested in publication and editing as artistic practice, and the space between literature and conceptual art are investigated. Her practice is concerned with ideas around translation, history and social potentials of language in its many forms.