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"Curve Banana"
Clementine Edwards

Opening: Opening Wednesday 1 July, 6-8pm
Dates: 1 – 18 July 2015

Clementine Edwards is a jeweller and artist. She lives in Melbourne.

Clementine Edwards’ work is interested in nihilism, in narrative and in the politics of making. It comments on human consumption and behaviour. She makes objects and jewellery that tell stories. Through engagement with materials and ideas jettisoned by our culture of convenience, her work meditates on waste, good taste, consumerism and aesthetic distraction.She enjoys the democracy of contemporary jewellery even though her wearable work dislodges notions of wearability: the work’s wonkiness upsets its visual harmony and the historic ‘craft’ orbit within which it moves. Through visual play and the reinterpretation of everyday objects she interrogates materiality, imbuing objects of little value with alternative worth, and subverting broadly held notions of ‘valuable’ materials.

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