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Amy-Jo Jory

Opening: Tuesday 28 October, 6-8pm
Dates: 28 October-8 November 2008

"We don't need another hero."
Barbara Kruger

"We don't need to know the way home."
Tina Turner

ESTRANGED is an investigation into the normalising and alienating nature of being alive in today?s climate of advanced consumer capitalism. At the crux of Amy-Jo Jory?s two year project lies an investigation into the underlying fear and anxiety that is created by institutional ideals constructed around daily life. These ideals include preconceptions surrounding family, labour, and sexuality.

How are people to cope within this prescribed environment of dread and trepidation?
Questions are presented, but not necessarily answered.

The installation investigates a suspension of traditional ideologies revealing places of potential lawlessness Video, sound and sculp-tural elements aim at a jarring installation methodology, and what is com-monly seen as banal or 'everyday' imagery is manipulated into a blurred realm of the unknown, sometimes warping into a kind of black humour.