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"In a Cheap Excercise Book"
Fernando Ariel Gallardo, Duncan McBride

Opening: Tuesday 19 May, 6-8pm
Dates: 19 May-5 June 2009

'In a Cheap Excercise Book' is a series of pop songs performed as a music/performance art event. The songs performed highlight the writings from a series of exercise books that document the beginning and decline of romantic relationships. The writing ranges from short pieces of poetry, song lyrics and anecdotes. The instruments used are non-traditional and vary from vintage Casio’s to glockespiel and from wines glasses to bubble wrap. Even the sound of Tupperware, plastic buckets and disbanded Ikea furniture are put to use. The music will range From 80’s Prince-Style Funk to a cabaret blues using a Melodica. The work does not ignore any musical genre in order to communicate the journey of the relationship but remains experimental in how it conveys text, voice and sound through genre.