Bus Proj–


James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo

Opening: Wednesday 11 June, 6-8pm
Dates: 11-28 June 2014

'Mistints' will be a collaborative exhibition by James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo. This site-specific installation has been designed particularly for Bus Projects, using all locally sourced materials and using the gallery’s architecture as a starting point. The exhibition will be made predominantly of large-scale wall paintings, using ‘mistint’ paint. By sourcing the paint from local paint shops and hardware stores, the work verges on becoming a topographical map of taste. These are the materials that did not satisfy the local taste.

James Lieutenant and Kate Vassallo are a collaborative duo working across Canberra and Sydney. While they also each make artwork separately, the focus of their collaborative projects is a homage to past art movements. While sampling elements of past works, they are also keenly aware of placing these ideas into the hybrid ‘contemporary art’ context. Their current focus is on Minimalism, Op Art, Pop and Abstraction.