Bus Proj–


"No Nonsense Return Policy"
Jen Berean & Pat Foster

Opening: Tuesday 9 September, 6-8pm
Dates: 9-27 September 2003

"While the idea of modern and contemporary art are located in a fairly nebulous discursive realm, the notion of modern or contemporary lifestyle (the two seem, in fact, interchangeable) are very much a part of the familiar rhetoric of consumer spending. No Nonsense Return Policy (2003), Pat Foster and Jen Bereans installation at BUS Gallery, documented six miss-assembled items of IKEA furniture and dissect the curious aesthetic cycles that drive the commercial products in both realms. Taylor looks at this work and others which are focused on drawing attention to the formal and ideological intersections between modernism and the stuff of homes and home decoration." https://www.artlink.com.au/articles/2312/flatness-packed/

Pat Foster and Jen Berean have been working collaboratively since 2001 and have undertaken projects and interventions at numerous gallery and museum spaces, as well as realizing projects outside of traditional institutions.