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"Over & Out"
Claire Mooney

Opening: Tuesday 10th June, 6-8pm
Dates: 10-28 June 2008

'Over & Out' began from a piece of text that ponders the uncertainties and paradoxes of scientific principles and abstract thought.

From these uncertain beginnings, Claire has constructed a series of works on canvas that adopt the format of pages of a book. In these over-size versions, the text is subjected to a series of lo-fi ‘information processing’ systems, variously circled, numbered, annotated, categorised, painted-out and looped together with thread, creating a frenetic mass of dysfunctional classification, and generating a multi-coloured visual field.

Drawing loose parallels between the content of the text and the working process itself, Claire presents an abstraction that trips on it’s own systems, creating chaos in an earnest attempt to impose order.