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Clark Beaumont, Lane Cormick, Tony Garifalakis, Kate Mitchell, Elle Ross and Nic Tammens.
Curated by: Drew Pettifer

Opening: Wednesday 10 April, 6-8pm
Dates: 10-27 April 2013

‘Pivotal’ explores the things that occur when we reach key turning points – both real and imagined – and those things that we do in their immediate aftermath. In particular, the exhibition looks at what happens when these moments don’t turn out the way we plan. What do we do then? With the failure of 21 December 2012 to bring with it the end of the world fresh in our minds, this exhibition asks “What do we do after these moments?” “How do we respond to anticipated dramatic change?” The exhibition features work by Clark Beaumont (QLD), Lane Cormick (VIC), Tony Garifalakis (VIC), Kate Mitchell (NSW), Elle Ross (VIC) and Nic Tammens (AUS/USA).