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Tom O’Hern

Opening: Tuesday 25 September, 6-8pm
Dates: 25 September-13 October 2007

'PlunderLand!' will be Tom O’Hern’s first solo exhibition in Melbourne. Through a set of specific murals, Tom will continue his exploration of consumer imagery. The work will examine issues of over-saturation, manipulation, exploitation, facade and the general downward spiral of mankind.

Tom is an emerging artist living and working in Melbourne. In 2006 he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at the University of Tasmania. With artists Jamin and Paicey he is a member of the Die Laughing Collective, who together have completed numerous commissions, workshops, murals, interventions and exhibitions. The Collective will be exhibiting at City Lights in early 2008.

www.dielaughing.com.au, www.noise.net.au/thomaso’hern