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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
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Wed–Fri 12–5pm
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Rayleen Forester Rereading the Rulebook

Rereading the Rulebook is a performative experimental review that repositions criticism, practice and language into a durational performance. Composed as a recognisable artwork review, the piece undergoes a process of transformation and restructure to focus on evoking mother-tongue language through the transcription of a piece of art. Translated words will be repeated in the hopes of committing to memory. Passages will be recited and further translated blurring English with Tagalog whilst breaking down the established structure of the review. This action, through its connectivity and inevitable clumsiness is part of an exploratory series of actions developed to question the paradigms of arts writing and criticism, self-identification through action and the evocation of spirit and language through written experimentation.

Rayleen Forester is an Adelaide based, independent arts worker. Rayleen’s curatorial interests focus on cross-cultural engagement through contemporary and experimental art practices. She was awarded the inaugural Curator Mentorship Initiative grant (2012) through NAVA to work with established international curator Cuauhtémoc Medina at the second largest European Biennale MANIFESTA. She co-curated the long established Artists’ Week symposium in 2014 with Lars Bang Larsen (DEN) and Richard Grayson (UK). She writes for national publications and is a founding member of initiatives FELTspace and fine print magazine. In 2016 she curated Playground a multidisciplinary exhibition of local, national and international artists presented at JamFactory, Adelaide, SA and FX Harsono: Beyond Identity at Nexus Arts. In 2020 she co-curated If the future is to be worth anything: 2020 Ace Open Artist Survey.