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"Revolving Around a Fixed Central Point (fibonacci), Beginning at One"
George Papadimas, Barton Price

Opening: Tuesday 2 December, 6-8pm
Dates: 2-20 December 2003

George Papadimas:

My intention has been to create a body of work that is free, as much as possible from the arbitrary qualities that art construction / production can seem to hold. This cancellation of freedom has led me to evolve a body of work based on strict methodologies. What results is a following through of a predefined process, which illustrates an inter-related network of stages.

As a visual artist can I make these analogies more universally accessible by using colour / shape / composition to represent them? I am not trying to create a specific style of work from the start point of conception, but wanting the predefined process to govern what is created. These aspects simultaneously contradict and confirm aspects of co-dependency within a given situation.