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Emmaline Zanelli

Opening: Wednesday 14 February, 6–8pm
Dates: 14 February - 10 March 2018

A series of (de)constructed portraits, RIFE MACHINE challenges the accepted logic that people cannot be re-created from an image, that the content of an image exists not as what it represents but solely as a record of it.

Drawing on intimate relationships with friends and family members, dreamlike portraits pull subjects apart and rebuild them - bodies of subject and image are brought together violently and sensually in one plane of reality, without ever really touching or harming each other in another. Thousands of 6×4 photographic patches of skin cocoon her brother’s fishing boat in a human shell; keyhole camera images of her own removed fallopian tubes become a ceremonious suit, making the body whole again; a face of an old teacher becomes a private dance space.

Each work is constructed from both people and picture planes to become intimate sites of participation and control- visual manifestations of the physical, emotional and psychological spaces between people. RIFE MACHINE is a search for a way of feeling that swims between real and unreal, domestic and dream.

Emmaline Zanelli is an emerging artist based in Adelaide. Zanelli probes the absurdities and sensualities of human connections through a multidisciplinary working process, where the differentiation between object, sitter and photograph is broken down and rebuilt. In 2016, Zanelli was the winner of the Helpmann Academy Watson Award, and was selected by the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art to exhibit in the annual HATCHED National Graduate Exhibition. Recent exhibitions include Please Touch at Stills Gallery and RIFE MACHINE at ACE Across. Artbank Australia, and the City of Adelaide Civic Collection have acquired a selection of her work. In 2017, Zanelli completed an artist residency at the Slade School of Fine Art research centre in London, where her photographic work ventured further into sculpture, performance and video. She works from her studio at Fontanelle Studios in Bowden, SA, and will commence a Master of Photography at RMIT in 2018.