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Marcin Wojcik

Opening: Tuesday 12 July, 6-8pm
Dates: 12-31 July 2011

Scene: Crevasse is a body of work that explores the notion of glacier climbing, focusing on the role of acting and props in constructing a persona within a mis-en-scène.

Sourced from an archive of images, the crevasse frames this work, initiating the viewer and facilitating a kind of performative “stepping into”. Placed within this constructed scene foreign instruments such as light and sound pierce the set, creating artificial sensory sensations. These stimuli, along with the props, together form an immersive performance, which is ultimately documented as a video projection.

Facilitating the overall performance are the props that support both the role of the climber and the scene. These props specifically assist the suturing of the artist into the role of the glacier climber, but also function as part of the scene itself. These objects leave traces of contact within each setting as some props enter the scene whilst other are left behind.

Marcin Wojcik completed his Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) in Sculpture at the Victorian College of the Arts in 2010. His work uses the theatricality of performance and its manifestation as roles, props and scenes to interrogate the themes of exploration, masculinity, adventure and adversity.