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"Seeing is Forgetting"
Yusi Zang

Opening: Friday 30 November 6 - 8 pm
Dates: 28 November - 22 December 2018

Seeing is Forgetting
Text by Emma Nixon

‘Seeing is Forgetting’ is an exploration of object hood, the everyday and the
overlooked. It attempts to articulate the confusion that arises while looking at
something familiar with such intensity that suddenly, it’s no longer familiar at


Connecting the poetics of her inner thoughts with the realism of banal objects,
Yusi Zang’s paintings and sculptures become filled with feeling. Zang is a
Beijing born multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Melbourne. She was
granted the Les Kossatz Memorial Graduation Prize in 2017 and was also
awarded this exhibition through the Bus Projects Graduation Prize. Zang is
currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) and has an upcoming
collaborative exhibition at Blindside in 2019.