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Edward McAliece

Opening: Wednesday 27 November 2013
Dates: 27 November-14 December 2013

In 'Sloganeering/Coasting', Ed McAliece explores the processes and forms bridging the gap between professional and consumer, keen to discover the degree to which we are enabled by new design pathways, and whether old ones can be resuscitated once they have been dematerialised.

Edward McAliece’s material based practice utilises provisional language and forms, investigating the designation of utility and character to objects. His work aims to obscure or conflate notions of historical time through a grab-bag of styles and references, in previous shows he has been prototyping with foamcore sculpture, drawing and agar agar jelly. McAliece has exhibited in Melbourne and Berlin, at Studio Baustelle, Rearview, Seventh Gallery, TCB and Blindside.