Bus Proj–


Matthew Greaves, Rohan Schwartz

Opening: Tuesday 6 September, 6-8pm
Dates: 6-24 September 2011

'std' is the to-do of collaborators Matthew Greaves and Rohan Schwartz. The artists bring their counterfeit and assemblage practice to BUS Projects for an exhibition comprising a rendering of Microsoft’s Flowerbox in an inflatable pool and a line-up of watercolours that proffer folk rock albums via BitTorrent addresses. These spoils and retro-futuristic musings are part of the artist's ongoing examination of piracy, fallacy and art history.

Matthew Greaves and Rohan Schwartz are Australian born artists currently living and working in Melbourne. This will be their first collaborative exhibition. They can be found making things in the NGV Studio during September as part of a dynamic series of exhibits entitled Consultancy.