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"Tactile: I preferred books with pictures"
Gabriel Tongue

Opening: Wednesday 4 October, 6-8pm
Dates: 4 – 28 October 2017

Gabriel is a Melbourne based artist who completed Honours at RMIT in Print Imaging Practice in 2014. Gabriel’s practice attempts to further his experience of documentation; investigating the act of taking and looking at photographs as two major areas of research. He searches for reasons to continue to justify the documentary urge. He then makes finished works that provide a similar experience of looking to the act of photographing. Broadly speaking his practice discusses postmodern ideas about image consumption, distribution and reception. Reflecting on discussions about public and private and examining what is shared across these borders. As a photographic artist Gabriel is interested in the cultural production of imagery and uses his archive to examine how we collect and disseminate images of public and private worlds. Gabriel has an extensive archive that has been largely hidden from public view. He is interested in examining his archive to investigate new ways to experience a photographic image.