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GF, 7 Ltl. Miller St
Brunswick East,
VIC 3057 AUS

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Wed–Fri 12–5pm
Sat 12–4pm



Kalinda Vary Take it back

Opening: Wednesday 5 July, 6-8pm Dates: 5 July - 29 July 2017

hundreds of years ago they sacrificed testosterone to singing;
a higher power, the deity. for god. just the way He made them. Apparently the ladies loved them, prized lovers, for what they lacked.
BUT the castrati did not get to chose to be this way.
Great lover or not.
For some body else’s will. In service for others, alien-like beauty, strange art. The castrati were the vessel, muse. The lungs of a man, the balls of a woman.
Kylie Minogue would take her husband’s name, if she could only get married. She wouldn’t say no to having a baby either, though her body clock IS ticking. Is she SURE she doesn’t want kids?
Perhaps Kylie Minogue has as much choice as her gay Australian fans.
Those who follow her // are not who she is.
Identify that!
She is comfortable and enjoys presenting a sexuality she says.
Sexuality is about identity and Kylie doesn’t give identity. Kylie gives sexy, we take.
We use,
You want to make her…
interpret, as we want.
Use the Muse

Kalinda Vary’s practice is a technique to explore emotionality, vulnerability and power, humiliation, constraints of language and the problems with representations of identity.

Recent key works have focussed on queer concerns of the body, performance within social structures and imposed cultural identities. For instance, the video work In the air you belong nowhere, made as part of an exchange with Aperto gallery in Montpellier, France, takes literally the physical transition of a body as it flies in the air, over borders, time zones and languages to explore the construction and erasure of an identity. The transgression of a self.
more info at kalindavary.com