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"The Whole Shebang"
Melissa Deerson

Opening: 12-29 June 2013
Dates: Wednesday 12 June, 6-8pm

Melissa Deerson is a Melbourne-based artist who uses video, sound, papier mache, natural objects, text, drawing and photography. Her practice takes a varied visual approach but is bound together by her interest in how culture situates itself in relation to the natural world. Her work often features absurd re-imaginings of the ‘natural’ or the everyday within a slightly shifted framework; from advertisements aimed at insects and weeds, to the sound of the wind coming from inside a plant-pot, to meteors emblazoned with ominous predictions.

The Whole Shebang is envisioned as a kind of testing ground for a new cosmology. Receipt-like lists of names for potential stars, gravel moons rising and setting and improbably positioned papier mache rocks stage a scene of generative forces in progress. 'The Whole Shebang' plays with the divides between big and little, myth and science, the cosmic and the banal, making room for both the clockwork universe and the idiosyncratic ‘quantum smear’.