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"Three Blind Mice"
Amy Alexander, Rik Lee, Stephen Giblett

Opening: Tuesday 02 August, 6-8pm
Dates: 2-20 August 2005

Amy Alexander is an artist and animator, originally from Melbourne, she is now based in Berlin working from Studio Hertzberg. http://www.welldonenobody.com/

Rik Lee grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He currently lives and draws in Bali, Indonesia. Rik has illustrated for a diverse range of clients, including big international brands, advertising agencies, small independent companies and the kid next-door who wants a new tattoo. http://www.riklee.bigcartel.com/

Stephen Giblett heightens the relationship between painting and abstraction by employing two methods of production; one a form of free association and the other, a schematic form of photo-based abstraction influenced by image reproduction.