Bus Proj–


Marlaina Read

Opening: Wednesday 21 May, 6-8pm
Dates: 21 May-7 June 2014

Iceland land of light. Land of thrillingly intense cloud formations and sunsets, almost endless twilight time and glaring bright snow days.

Concurrent is the directness and individualism of Icelandic youth and their relationships to home, work and social situations. They are mature, brash, educated and civic minded. They are without pretension, confident and perfectly calm when facing someone who is essentially a stranger.

This is an exercise in a kind of excess—excess in the flux and compromise that occurs when you communicate across language barriers. When you watch someone work and talk in repetition in a constantly alight landscape.

Think sophomoric, adolescent and neon. Think hyper-colour t-shirts, northern lights and black-lights at all-night parties. Think of the way the people stare at you posed in their youthful, disorientating landscape.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a publication with writing by Chloe Langford and Alanna Lorenzon.