Bus Proj–


The 6th Annual Bus Projects Editions Exhibition is our major fundraising exhibition of limited edition prints by over 30 emerging, mid-career and established artists and designers. The 6th Bus Projects Editions Exhibition is generously supported by our Event Partners Spacecraft Studio, CPL, United Measures, Mountain Goat Beer, and media support from Art Guide Australia. Our graphic design is by Kelly Walsh and exhibition design by IOA Studio.

Exhibition documentation and catalogue.

Sha Sarwari
Tamsen Hopkinson
Lisa Radford & Sam George
Christo Crocker
Olivia Koh
Emily Ferretti
Alasdair McLuckie
Baden Pailthorpe
Kate Mitchell
Saskia Doherty
Kez Hughes
Utako Shindo
Adam Stone
Daniel McKewen
Spencer Lai
Arlo Mountford
Bridie Lunney
Ruth O'Leary
Emanuel Rodriguez Chaves
Emanuel Rodriguez Chaves
Aaron Christopher Rees
Annabelle Kingston
Rosslynd Piggott
Rosslynd Piggott
Rosslynd Piggott
Kain Picken
Vivian Cooper-Smith
Jacob Raupach
Jeremy Eaton
Simon Attwooll
Lauren Dunn
Nikos Pantazopoulos
Nina Gilbert
Virginia Overell
Tony Garifalakis
Clementine Edwards
Akira Akira
Danica Chappell
Danica Chappell
Danica Chappell
Danica Chappell
Brad Haylock
Gian Manik
Danica Chappell
Georgina Criddle
Misha Hollenbach
Sam Cranstoun
Kiron Robinson
Greatest Hits
Tamsen Hopkinson
Meredith Turnbull
Sam Petersen
Danae Valenza
Joshua Stevens
Seb Brown
Helen Grogan
Lisa Radford & Sam George
Matthew Griffin
Grant Nimmo
James Deutsher
Lou Hubbard
Tully Moore
Beth Caird
Beth Caird
Rafaat Ishak
Dan Arps
Lane Cormick
Agnes So
Jackson Slattery
Daniel Von Sturmer
Dane Lovett
Sean Peoples
Elizabeth Newman
Emanuel Rodriguez Chaves