Bus Proj–


Amalie Smith, Amitai Romm, David Stjernholm, Rasmus Myrup and Valerie Collart
Ruang MES 56
Curated by Ruang MES 56, Bus Projects and Asialink Arts
Sheena Colquhoun
Dissect Journal
Sebastian Olma
Achol, Nyawech, Akuech, Isabella, Zoe, Mackenzie, Atong, Kuei, Galoria, Minna Gilligan, Atong Atem, Daisy Catterall, Sheena Colquhoun, Nina Mulhall
Spencer Lai, Hana Earles, Christopher L G Hill & Joshua Petherick, Lou Hubbard, Paul McCarthy (with Mike Kelley), Kate Meakin and Elizabeth Newman
Sarah E. Davies, Nicky Broekhuysen, Joseph H. Griffiths