Bus Proj–


Mathew Benjamin, Drew Pettifer, Hannah Raisin, SIBLING, Tai Snaith, Marcin Wojcik
"Play with Your Food"
23 November - 11 December 2010

Ros Bandt & Albert Mishriki, Rod Cooper, Emma Lashmar, Rowan McNaught
"The Sound Playgound"
6-17 July 2010

Snawklor, Gugg, Super Star, Fatti Frances, Helen Johnson, Andy McClelland and Jason Heller with Lulu Quintella, Sian and the Velantas, Norkiro Nakamura, Nat McQuade
"Bus Projects Closing Party"
20 March 2010

Tai Snaith, Masato Takasaka, Chris Bond
"Forum: Where are they now?"
17 March 2010

Melinda Martin, Rhett D'Costa, Tim Webster
"Forum: I wanna make art and I wanna get paid"
3 March 2010

Sarah Berners, Melanie Chilianes, Michelle Hamer, Bree Dalton, Sarah Lynch, Cherelyn Brearley, Sarah Oldham, Natalie McQuade, Amelia Johannes
"Last Show At Bus For Now"
2-19 March 2010


Helen Johnson, Phip Murray, Carl Scrase, Marcus Westbury, Tim Webster
"Forum: Faking Space"
Wednesday 17 February 2010

Klara Kelvy & Ellen Taylor
"Collaborative Bodies"
9-26 February 2010

Samuel Stewart
"Untitled (Inside Looking Out)"
9-26 February 2010

Catherine Connolly
"Untitled (Doorway)"
9-26 February 2010

Rob Bartolo
"A State Of Being"
9-26 February 2010

Dida Sundet
"For Illusion Isn’t The Opposite Of Reality"
19 January-5 February 2010


Leo Greenfield
"The Coverings Project"
19 January-5 February 2010

Jodi Cleaver
"Little Machine"
19 January-5 February 2010

Jessica Wong
"Parallel Universe"
19 January-5 February 2010

Brooke Wolsley
19 January-5 February 2010

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