Bus Proj–


Centre for Style at Bus Projects
16-20 December 2013

Sam Cranstoun
27 November-14 December 2013

Edward McAliece
27 November-14 December 2013

Rebecca Delange, Elise Sheehan, Akira Akira
27 November–14 December 2013

Matthew Landry, Matthew Linde
"Relaxing Whisper and Heavy Breathin Purse Tutorial"
16 December 2013

Tara Cook, Edwin Jurriens, Jessica O’Brien, Nella Themelios, Agung Nugroho Widhi, Tristan Jalleh, Eugenia Lim and Rowan McNaught. Chaired by Channon Goodwin
"Put Up a Signal Forum"
7 November 2013

Myra McElhinney and Jessica McElhinney
"Twice As Nice"
6-23 November 2013

Danae Valenza
"Sound Park"
6-23 November 2013

Joseph Breikers
"Brown Stagemaker"
6-23 November 2013

"Put Up a Signal"
6-23 November 2013

Julia McInerney
"The Animal"
16 October-2 November 2013

Benjamin Creek in collaboration with Matt Blair
"Scene | Unseen"
16 October-2 November 2013

James L. Marshall
"Mendota Block"
16 October-2 November 2013

Ken Park
"Screening: Sedition"
11 October 2013


"The First Bus Projects Edition Exhibition"
25 September-12 October 2013

Kate Price
"Within a Room"
4-21 September 2013

Agnes So, Amy May Stuart, Masato Takasaka
4-21 September 2013

Juliet Rowe
4-21 September 2013

Kate Meakin, Noriko Nakamura, Virginia Overell
"Singular, Plural"
14 – 31 August 2013

Sarah Byrne
"Concrete Joke"
14 – 31 August 2013

Philippe Vranjes
14-31 August 2013

"Formation Artist Talk"
10 August 2013

Annie Wu and Ziga Testen
"On Top of the World"
27 July 2013

Christopher Williams-Wynn, Sophie Neate, Sean McKenzie, June Lam, Alice Duncan
24 July-10 August 2013

"Publication Launch + Waterfall Person"
20 July 2013

Madeleine Rose Chapman and Scarlett Rowe
"Dancing about Architecture"
3-20 July 2013

Jeremy Eaton, Minna Gilligan, Georgina Glanville, Jethro Harcourt, Annabelle Kingston, Cheralyn Lim, Max Lawrence White
"Blue miles for the ocean, green miles through the palm trees, and yellow miles over sandy stretches"
3-20 July 2013

Alex Cuffe & Benjamin Kolaitis
"Artist Talk: Alex Cuffe & Benjamin Kolaitis"
29 June 2013


Eugene Carchesio, Alex Cuffe, ∑gg√e|n, Lawrence English, HAPPY COOL, Benjamin Kolaitis, The Histrionics, Darren Sylvester.
"Surface Noise"
12-29 June 2013

Melissa Deerson
"The Whole Shebang"
Wednesday 12 June, 6-8pm

Paul Adair
"Circle Jerks"
12-29 June 2013

The Phonetic Orchestra and Ensemble
"The Phonetic Ensemble"
8 June 2013

Song-Ming Ang, Boe-Lin Bastian, Catherine Ross, Kieren Seymour
21 May-8 June 2013

Georgina Lee
"Business As Usual"
21 May-8 June 2013

Christopher LG Hill, MAXIMUM RIM, Adelle Mills, Danae Valenza and Friends, Marcin Wojcik.
1-18 May 2013

"Curators Talk: Drew Pettifer"
27 April 2013

Clark Beaumont, Lane Cormick, Tony Garifalakis, Kate Mitchell, Elle Ross and Nic Tammens.
10-27 April 2013

Ricarda Bigolin, Nella Themelios
19 March-6 April 2013

Adam Cruickshank, Robin Hungerford, Katie Lee, Ms&Mr, Dell Stewart, Erika Scott, Tim Woodward
26 February-16 March 2013

Sarah Byrne, Eric Demetriou, Jaya Fausch, Andy Hutson, Cheralyn Lim, Taree Mackenzie, Lyndal May Stewart, Jaime Powell, Made Spencer-Castle, Fiona Williams, SHOP SHOP
2 February 2013

Christo Crocker, G-Eunuch, Nathan Gray, Salmon Barrel
"Bus Projects at Meyers Place"
Sunday 20 January 2013

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